• Ramsau Spring Festival with Horses

    Flower-bedecked harnessed horse-teams, music, and traditional groups

Ramsau Spring Festival with Horses

Austria’s unrivaled flower parade on horse carriages

The Spring Festival with Horses has had years of tradition in Ramsau am Dachstein. Carefully crafted flower figures on carriages drawn by splendidly adorned horses and a non-motorised parade that is unique in Austria enrich the festivity. Traditional costumes and music are certainly part of the festival. Musical hike, traditional dancing groups, schuplattl’n (a traditional folk dance performed by a group of male dancers traditional lederhosen), and further musical performances make the pavilion resound.

Very exciting is the election of the Dachsteinkönigin, who will ‘reign’ at the foot of the Dachstein for one year. The highlight, however, is the flower and horse parade on Sunday, with flower-bedecked horse carriages and traditional music group from the region. All together, there will be over 100 horses – of various breeds – in action. The net profit of the festivity will benefit the Ramsau am Dachstein. Mountain Rescue Team and further social projects.